RE/MAX of Texas (RE/MAX), founded in 1977, is the leading residential and commercial real estate broker in Texas. RE/ MAX started as a family owned company but has since grown to be the most dominant real estate company in Houston, San Antonio, Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, and other areas throughout Texas. RE/MAX has over 5000 affiliates with over 220 offices across Texas. RE/MAX contributes some of its success to the ongoing training of its affiliates in order to pursue professional designations and keep up to date on the latest industry trends.

The Problem Relocation to a Larger Facility Means Higher Operating Cost and Security Concerns.

RE/MAX recently relocated its corporate facility. The new facility is located in an airport, which calls for heightened security needs. At the time of relocation RE/MAX was equipped with only a burglar alarm. On top of having minimal security features, RE/MAX did not have an energy management system in place. The corporate facility houses the entire RE/MAX computer network as well as, the corporate jet. Due to the location, type of facility, and sensitive materials, RE/MAX needed an updated security system and an energy management system to offset the increasing operating costs.

TEMSCO Solutions Integrated RE/MAXs Security and Energy Management System

During the selection process, RE/MAX met with several energy and security management companies, including TEMSCO Solutions (TEMSCO). RE/MAX was looking for a company that had extensive knowledge and expertise in the energy management and security fields. During the initial meeting, TEMSCO Solutions gave an overview of its areas of expertise and services offered. The competition for our project was tough, TEMSCOs ability to communicate its solutions made us feel at ease and comfortable, remarks Richard Filip, CEO TEMSCO really took the time to explain the architecture of the systems.

TEMSCO Solutions Meets the Challenge

TEMSCO proved it is an expert in the energy and security management fields. RE/MAXs new corporate headquarters now runs efficiently and securely with a new energy management system that controls the overall operation of the lighting and HVAC in the facility as well as, a tailored security system which consists of,monitored intrusion detection, CCTV Surveillance, and Access Control. TEMSCO integrated our security and energy management system, notes Richard Filip. We have the capability to turn off all office energy usage when the intrusion alarm is armed, ensuring that we are not wasting any energy dollars. Since the implementation of the new system seven months ago, RE/MAX has experienced a dramatic decrease in its energy cost while obtaining greater control over it security.<

Expansion Opportunities with TEMSCO Solutions

TEMSCO Solutions exceeded our expectations by providing us with great service, great engineering, and outstanding system performance. I am recommending TEMSCO Solutions to the RE/MAX broker offices. TEMSCO has the ability to lower the brokers operating cost ensuring a highly profitable office, states Richard Filip.

TEMSCO Solutions has a client-base that extends across the United States ranging in size from small to Fortune 500 companies. Currently, over 1,500security and energy management systems are installed in a variety of industries Specialists from TEMSCO Solutions tailor the systems to meet organizations energy management requirements of high reliability, cost, and ease-of-use.

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