Temsco, Inc. Announces Launch of New Website for Improved Communication with Customers

Temsco, Inc., the leading provider of energy management solutions to commercial facilities, today announced it has re-launched its corporate website as a means of improving communication with customers, highlighting the company’s commitment to current technology standards, and enhancing the company’s image among the markets it serves.

“For over 40 years, Temsco has served its customers with the highest quality products and energy management services.  We felt our company’s message deserved a better medium to deliver that message to our customers,” said Mitch Cook, Vice President of Sales.  “Technology is at the core of our offerings, and our communications with our customer markets should reflect that.  Our new website more accurately conveys the commitment we make to staying current with technology trends particularly related to our products and services.”

Temsco utilizes the latest technology in developing energy management solutions for its clients.  Although energy management systems have been in use in commercial buildings since the early 1970s, the technology employed today is vastly different than even 10 years ago.  “The systems we build today for our customers are far more advanced than the systems from 5 or 10 years ago,” says Cook.  “Today’s systems are more efficient, with improved user interfaces that make it easier for the end-user to maintain, with more functionality in operating the systems, and more integrated communications between controlled systems.”

The company is proud of its reputation of helping lead the industry’s advancement and innovations in energy management systems.  Temsco is pioneering the development of new markets through finding new types of facilities that have previously gone unnoticed. Auto dealerships, for instance, represent a large market where energy usage often goes unchecked. Temsco has found great success in the last 5 years developing solutions specifically engineered for these facilities, and reducing energy usage by an average of 22% in these facilities. “We hope to bring our technology to even more types of facilities that are largely untouched,” says Mr. Cook.


About Temsco

Since 1972, TEMSCO has been a leading provider of energy management and building automation solutions for commercial buildings and facilities across the United States.  Temsco’s customers have included some of the most recognizable names in retail, transportation, manufacturing, and hospitality, among other industries.

From Fortune 500 companies to small businesses, customers understand the value Temsco systems and solutions add to their business.  Achieving energy savings by reducing energy usage, and enabling total control over building systems, are the core of TEMSCO energy management solutions.

For more information about Temsco’s energy management solutions, call (800) 998-6996.


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